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At one point she was simultaneously the face of Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Gold by Giles Deacon at New Look – what was it that made her switch from her hugely successful modelling career?“I was just yearning for something and didn’t know what it was, so I was just trying different things and then I did some short films and I was like, ‘this is it! ’ Then I just starting doing it, having small parts in big films and it kept going.”Now she’s the lead in Davies’ lovingly shot film about the coming of age of an Aberdeenshire farmer’s daughter on the eve of the First World War.I just learnt so much as an actor and as a woman.” Since she turned to acting, Deyn has been learning on the job and particularly enjoyed picking the brains of Peter Mullan, who plays her tyrannical father.

Apparently their ‘real connection’ arises out of a shared background: both of them having worked in fast food restaurants.

Before she became a supermodel Agyness was a chip shop girl up north and Franco worked in a drive-through Mc Donald’s.

She’s been a stripper in Pusher, a remake of a Danish cult classic and the lead in Electricity, a film about an epileptic girl on a mission that garnered praise for her strong performance.

Now not only has she’s taken on the central role of Chris Guthrie in Grassic Gibbon’s classic, released this week, there’s also the forthcoming fantasy-horror thriller Patient Zero and an outing in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar!

It was a role she wanted as soon as she read the script.“Originally I had just asked to read it out of selfish personal reasons ’cos I was such a Terence Davies fan. And then I was so moved by the story I asked if there was any chance I could read for Chris.