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As Edward and Alphonse venture into the world, as Dogs of the Military, they secretly search for the Philosopher’s Stone so they can bring their mother back to life and return their bodies back to flesh and bone. As the Elric brothers return to the screen in a live-action adaptation, many fans have concerns.

The main one: will this movie be another live-action flop like those painful renditions of (live-action adaptation, 2006).

Although, Robbie did do a good job as Harley Quinn in I understand why casting producers normally want a recognizable face for the lead role of major films—in order to bring in bigger audiences.

The silver lining of this issue is knowing Sori and the entire cast is dedicated to the adaptation of this series, to the point they spent three years preparing this project.

Sacrificing his right arm, Edward pulls Alphonse’s soul back through the Gate of Truth and seals Alphonse’s soul to the armor.

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